Loco Loco, a distinguishable brand, was founded in 2008 by a father-daughter duo's passion in designing swimwear and more. Their desire - to craft beautiful, unique and high-quality Brazilian swimwear that will set their customers apart from the masses within the industry.


Crafted with the best fabric suppliers in Brazil providing a high level of importance to quality. The beauty of long-standing craftsmanship is reborn with high quality and sustainable eco materials. Colorful pieces of textiles are woven together to reinvent tradition in a contemporary and fashionably elegant way.

Our philosophy has been built upon the principles of art, endless creativity, age-old tradition and uniqueness. The fusion of the Brazilian & Mediterranean culture.


Over the years we have also evolved as a company, but never really forgot what this company represents. Blending brazilian-sourced materials with traditional weave and luxury. The result one-of-a-kind fabrics that is never permanent. It evolves.



Follow our evolving journey and reveal your "loco" side. The truth is:

“No estoy loco, pero tampoco estoy cuerdo.”