Stay Healthy During Quarantine

With the ongoing situation around COVID-19, we wanted to share an update with you. These are uncertain times, but we are sure about one thing: putting the health and safety of our team and our customers first is key.

We are doing everything we can to ensure the continued sanitization of all our products and facilities. Our team is committed to staying healthy, and helping our customers stay healthy, too.

“Moving you body on a regular basis not only releases endorphins, but also reinforces your mental toughness

Social distancing and isolation can be scary and confusing for some of us. Here some tips from the Loco Loco Team to keep you & your family safe & Healthy

  • Try yoga
  • Do cardio
  • Manage anxiety
  • Get some sun
  • Meditate
  • Get enough sleep
  • Take vitamins and supplements 
  • Cook and learn new recipes
  • And lastly wear your mask and wash your hands


Stay well! Stay safe